“Tech Fellows are uniquely tenacious and determined. The most rewarding part of my job as a Career Service Manager is hearing directly from our hiring partners that Flockjay’s Tech Fellows are consistently the most impressive candidates they work with.”

Laura Dominguez, Career Services Manager at Flockjay

At Flockjay, our mission isn’t just to equip you with the skills necessary to succeed in tech sales. It’s also to help you land a job in tech sales and launch a life-changing career.

After graduating from our program, we want you to be able to re-focus all your energy into your interviews with our hiring partners. To help you do so, we have an entire career services team dedicated to matching you with best-fit employers and honing your interview skills.

Read on to learn what you can expect from them if you join our program.

What to Expect from Flockjay’s Career Services Managers

After passing our qualification process, which starts two weeks before graduation, you’ll be eligible for our career services and gain access to your very own career service manager. Here’s what they’ll work with you on.

1) Find Out What Your Job Preferences Are

The first step you’ll take on your journey with your career service manager is finding out what you’re specifically looking for in your next role and what you ultimately want to do with your career.

To start things off, your career service manager will conduct an introductory discovery call with you to understand your job preferences. Then they’ll take that information to determine which of our hiring partners will be a good fit for you.

After that, they’ll send your applicant profile and resume to them.

2) Facilitate the Interview Process

Each time one of our hiring partners matches with you, your career services manager will facilitate the interview process and introductions with them.

During this step of the process, your career services manager will provide you with 1:1 interview prep and coaching sessions for each of your interviews. After you complete each interview, your career service manager will then collect feedback from our hiring partners and give it to you so you can work on improving your interview skills.

At Flockjay, our goal is to help you start a tech sales career as quickly as possible. We’ll line up as my interviews as reasonable but will also make sure that we’re not overloading your schedule or overwhelming you.

3) Provide Additional Education

Even if you’re in between interviews, you’ll still have the opportunity to hone your interview skills with Flockjay’s career services. Your career service manager will give you access to mock interview coaches for roleplay sessions and access to all of your material from class, which you can use anytime, anywhere.

Your journey with Flockjay is a life-long membership, not a one-time 10-week experience. After graduation, you’ll get unlimited access to Flockjay+ to help you excel in your career and hone your interview skills. This exclusive continuous learning hub for alumni is full of video resources and other content to meet you right where you are on your career path.

Start Your Tech Sales Career Today

Now that you know what to expect from our career services managers, consider applying for our tech sales program today. In just ten weeks, you’ll learn about everything from sales techniques to sales software. And if you qualify for our career services, we’ll help you land a life-changing job in tech sales!

Your New Career in Tech Sales Starts Now

Sales is the best kept secret in tech, and Flockjay will show you the way. With online classes and live instructors, Flockjay teaches you everything you need to know to be job ready in just 10 weeks. Ready for a career change?