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In 2019, Flockjay Founder & CEO Shaan Hathiramani heard that an early employee from Carta was doing a series of interviews about the future of work for Forbes. Shaan read a handful of the articles and then emailed the author, Theo Miller. Without knowing that, Theo also cold emailed Flockjay the exact same week. That’s how aligned they were on the direction of the industry and the role Flockjay would play in the culture of tech.

Theo was the fifth employee at Carta, a late-stage fintech company in San Francisco that pioneered digital cap table management. Theo left Carta after four years to found a podcast company called Hit Start Media. Over the ensuing months, Shaan and Theo developed a show concept that ultimately went on hold due to the pandemic. But when Theo circled back with a new podcast series he had been developing, Shaan jumped at the opportunity to be the launch sponsor. Now, you can hear him share knowledge in the first episode! 


What is the Techlash Podcast About?

Techlash is a podcast about elevating consciousness in tech. The word gained prominence due to the rage many of us felt in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal at Facebook, interference with the 2016 election, and other violations of the public trust that were perpetrated by large tech companies that we had come to idealize since the advent of the iPhone.

The series is co-hosted by Theo and his former co-worker at Carta, Zibbie Nwokah, who started shortly after him and was instrumental in building the business through law firm partnerships. Zibbie has also been a fireside chat guest speaker here at Flockjay. Together, they analyze interviews with early-stage founders and influencers that are doing good in tech, not those who just hold aspirations of changing the world; we’re talking about progressive founders that are having an impact right now.

There are a handful of recurring themes you’ll hear about on Techlash from week-to-week. Socioeconomic diversity in the tech industry, building for underserved groups, providing access to the industry, user privacy, income share agreements, and creating a better safety net are just some of the topics that will be explored in the coming months.

Supporting Techlash and Flockjay

If Techlash sounds like something that you would enjoy or find informative, we strongly recommend you download the first episode featuring our CEO, Shaan. You can stream Techlash on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, or learn more about the series on the Hit Start website.

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