Our diverse community of students comes together from various non-traditional backgrounds to learn, reskill, and unite around a shared goal to break into tech sales as an SDR. It is with the utmost pride that we share their stories with incoming Tech Fellows, in addition to our mission-aligned hiring partners seeking to strengthen and diversify their sales teams with elite candidates.

Meet Glenn Jones, a Flockjay Tech Fellow from our seventh class and current SDR for hire. He shared a few details about his journey with us below. His sales trainers had this to share:

“Glenn Jones exudes positivity and is always looking to get better (so he does). His willingness to learn, coachability, and positive attitude made it an absolute pleasure to work with him in class. He would be a great addition to any sales team!”

What did life look like before you found Flockjay?

Born and raised in Oakland, Ca to a single mother, I watched her work multiple jobs to keep my two little siblings and me fed and housed. Watching her work hard day in and day out put a fire in me to be a go-getter; it really instilled that hustler’s mentality into me.

My community and urban surroundings came with built-in challenges and patterns, which I fueled into a passion for music and creative connection. I developed an entrepreneurial mindset that led me to co-found an indie record label, allowing me to continue pursuing an inspirational outlet and nurture my growth mindset. I carried that with me into the workforce. Using my passion for personal development, my coachability, and my drive, I grew from a warehouse worker to an Operations Supervisor for a Fortune 500 company.

When I’m not leading a shift of warehouse workers making sure the world gets their packages delivered intact and on time, I’m creating music and running the indie record label with my family. Now, charging full speed ahead, I want to give back to the community that raised me and create a non-profit that positively benefits fellow community members exposed to urban street life by allowing them to access more opportunities for creative expression.

What past accomplishments are you proud of? 

My time in leadership reshaped the culture at my service center and the proof was in the pudding. I was awarded by the company’s VP for being a part of the culture shift that created the following results: 

  • 65% increase in productivity
  • 30% drop in accidents and injuries
  • $250-$1k generated per week in new/existing accounts

My biggest work-related personal accomplishment has to be training a friend of mine (a warehouse worker on my team) who was eager to join leadership but kept being passed over when opportunities came up. He recently accepted an offer and we are working side by side as Operations Supervisors!

What are you most excited about in a future SDR role?

As a musician and Co-leader of a record label, I know when it’s crunch time I need to kick it into overdrive. I honored deadlines for album releases, booked studio sessions, and balanced the creative aspect of it to remain fresh and competitive in the music market! I’m ready to bring that tenacity into a future SDR role. And who knows, maybe even come up with some witty jingles for the team while I’m at it.

Advice for someone who wants to break into tech?

Find a training program that truly values you being your true authentic self! A program that is founded on support, compassion, empathy, a dash of tough love, some seriously knowledgeable SDR experts, and promotes diversity… (*whispers* Flockjay). Once you’re in it, commit to growth, and do not be afraid to be uncomfortable.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

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