After working as an assistant manager at a wine shop in Brooklyn, Oriana De Francesco decided to take a leap of faith and launch her own language services business. Being fluent in both French and Spanish, Oriana started translating for attorneys who worked in the immigration space and were aiding asylum seekers. It was the most rewarding job she’s ever had.

Within four years, Oriana’s business was generating enough revenue to make ends meet. But then suddenly, everything came crashing down.

“The pandemic shut down my entire business,” says Oriana. “Most of my clients canceled their projects, and I was basically left in this void of existential crisis. I needed to find a new path in life.”

Oriana decided to leave New York, a city ravaged by COVID-19, and move back home to San Francisco. While relieved to be in familiar surroundings, the reality of her situation began to kick in: “What was she going to do now?”

Discovering an Opportunity at Flockjay

A few weeks later, Oriana stumbled upon a feature article in the San Francisco Chronicle about Raven Winchester, a former janitor who completed Flockjay’s ten-week tech sales bootcamp and landed a job as a Business Development Representative at LaunchDarkly, a company whose offices she used to clean as a janitor.

“Her story really inspired me,” says Oriana. “If she could make that drastic of a change in her career, maybe I could, too.”

After doing some more digging, Oriana realized that a career in sales had the job security she was looking for, and the tech industry is one of the most stable spaces around. She applied and interviewed for Flockjay’s tech sales program and was enrolled into their ninth batch of students.

“I interviewed with Nagieb, one of Flockjay’s Admissions Advisors, and he was great. He wanted to know about my background and my goals. He’s just so good with people,” says Oriana.

“I was also able to ask him a lot of questions. I wanted to learn more about the program and how I was going to be able to complete it and come out of it with a job. He was very thorough. I really enjoyed my conversation with him.”

Mastering Sales Through Flockjay

As Oriana progressed through Flockjay’s program, there were two components of the program  that blew her away:

  1. The ease of building community with her classmates or “flockmates”
  2. The mentorship and coaching provided by Flockjay’s trainers

Flockjay’s Community: “The first part of the program that I loved was this amazing comradery that was built up between me and my classmates. We were all trying to transform our lives, which is obviously super challenging, but I never felt alone during this process because I had all of these other people around me supporting and lifting each other up. They were these amazing, brave, and courageous people, and we were all in it together,” says Oriana. “We even gave ourselves a team name, ‘The Mighty Ducks’”.

Flockjay’s Coaching and Mentorship: “I would have one‑on‑ones with a very learned and diverse set of instructors, (Lauren Lovelace, Kevin Uong, Justin Solis) and it was so incredible to get all of these different perspectives on how to approach the Sales Development Representative role. They would also just give us a ton of fundamental advice about sales. I’ve never worked in sales or tech, so I’m really a novice. Having these instructors was hugely helpful.”

After graduating from Flockjay with flying colors, Oriana’s dedicated Career Service Manager, Gino Calavitta, made introductions to a number of Flockjay’s hiring partners. In a flash, Oriana was getting interview requests left and right. Eventually, she was getting so many that she had to turn some down. And as someone who was unemployed for the past year, she felt overwhelmed with gratitude.

“Without Flockjay, there was absolutely no way I could get a job in tech sales. I didn’t have a single entry point into the industry, but Flockjay closed that network gap for me, which is part of a larger inequality gap that we have in America,” says Oriana.

“You can be extremely smart, talented, and driven, but if you don’t know the right people, you’re never gonna get your foot in the door. Flockjay really allows those of us who don’t have the right network or experience to not only land a job but also build a career by making introductions to their hiring partners and their network of sales leaders.”

Nine interviews later, Envoy, a workplace experience software, ticked all the boxes for her.

“Envoy is extremely people-focused. They really invest in their employees, and they offer an amazing platform that’s helping reopen the global economy by getting people back to work through the hybrid model,” says Oriana.

When Oriana officially received a job offer to be a Business Development Representative at Envoy, she felt a mix of both pure joy and astonishment. “I almost couldn’t believe what I had accomplished because it was such a rapid transformation. In four months, I went from unemployed to signing a job offer. It’s unreal. Flockjay literally transformed my life.”

Change Your Life Like Oriana Did Today

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If you want to read more student success stories, check out our testimonials.

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