Pedro Morfin, a former Tech Fellow at Flockjay and a current SDR at Gusto, an HR platform for small businesses, recently sat down with us for an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) interview. As someone who successfully pivoted from finance to tech sales, we talked about everything from Pedro’s Flockjay experience to his day-to-day at Gusto. Plus, he shared parting words of advice for wherever you are on your journey to tech sales. 

Read on to see what this alumni had to say.

How Selling a Bottle of Gatorade and a Bag of Chips on the Street Sparked Pedro’s Interest in Sales 

Born in Mexico and raised in Miami, Pedro moved back to Mexico for college and then started working as a financial analyst in Brazil at a few pharmaceutical and hospitality companies. He eventually returned to Mexico, where he ventured into sales. That’s when he got hooked on selling.

“The last job I had in Mexico was as an SDR. That’s when I really fell in love with sales because the interview process was just so fun. They gave me a Gatorade and some chips and just put me out in the street and told me, ‘Let’s see how much money you can get from these.’ It was so fun, interactive, and to be honest, joyful.”

After a year and a half in Mexico, Pedro decided to move back to Miami to earn a higher income. But after applying to over 1,800 sales jobs and not getting a single interview, he knew he had to adapt his strategy. So he decided to enroll in a sales training program.

From Prehired’s Bootcamp to Flockjay’s Bootcamp

Pedro initially signed up for Prehired’s sales training program. But after a week, he realized he wanted a program with live classes instead of prerecorded ones, and a greater focus on job placement after graduation. That’s when someone told him about Flockjay. 

“At Flockjay, the community was tighter and they had instructors who work at great companies and know exactly how to teach you how to be a great SDR. They also had networking after graduation and a big career services team that makes introductions to hiring partners, guides you through the whole process, polishes up resumes, and runs mock interviews. I decided to cancel my membership at Prehired and was able to join the Flockjay community.”

Pedro immediately felt at home at Flockjay. And he had nothing but good things to say about the program’s interactiveness, community, career services, and ability to give its students firsthand tech sales experience. 


“One of the biggest pros of Flockjay is that the classes are completely interactive. They’re fun and engaging and the instructors are great and work at top companies, so you’re getting people that are completely qualified to teach you. Also, the community feel with your Flockmates is awesome. You just have fun during the whole class practicing how to make cold calls, how to make inbound calls, how to do elevator pitches, and how to write emails. They put you in your breakout groups and you get to know a lot of people. It’s really just three hours of fun and learning. 


“After graduating from Flockjay, they created affinity groups and I was lucky to be nominated to be one of the leaders of the Latin X community. And it’s a growing community, it’s very fun. One of the greatest things about Flockjay is after you graduate, there’s a big community out there that’s always there to support and help you. It’s like a college. There are always online meetings and events every week. So it’s a very fun community and just a very warm community to be a part of after you graduate.”

Career Services

“Another pro is that it’s not just a 10-week program. After graduation, they offer a lot of interview practices with all your instructors. They have professionals at your service to help you polish your resumes and hone your skills. And they connect you and put you in a position to succeed with their hiring partners or with any external applications you apply to.” 

Learn more about what you can expect from Flockjay’s Career Services managers.

Firsthand Tech Sales Experience

“The biggest takeaway is how strong your skills become after graduation. You’re gonna get a lot of no’s as a sales rep so you just get used to it and find those little victories. For every nine no’s, you get a yes. You learn how to really program yourself and be happy and learn how to accept life as an SDR. So my biggest takeaway was definitely that aspect of the program. The final project also really gave you a firsthand experience on how to be an SDR. It was really key for me in getting a job.”

10 Weeks of Flockjay Training Was Pedro’s Onboarding at Gusto

After graduating from Flockjay, Pedro landed a job as an SDR at Gusto. He compared Flockjay’s sales program to a typical company’s onboarding program and says it’s allowed him to hit the ground running at his new job. 

“I’ve been a top performer ever since I started working at Gusto. From the second week on, I’ve performed above my peers because of what Flockjay taught me. Flockjay really gives you the tools that ramp you up for your new job. And since the best way to learn is slowly but surely, Flockjay’s 10-week program really helps you understand the material. If you cram it all into a shorter period of time, you’re not going to understand it as well.”

Primarily focused on inbound sales, Pedro’s normal day at Gusto consists of picking up the phone and setting up meetings with leads who have reached out to Gusto first. Six out of the eight hours he spends at work are on the phones, and he has over 100 conversations with prospects on most days.

For the rest of his day, he usually spends 30-60 minutes on personal development, 30 minutes with his team to discuss strategy on emails, phone calls, and refining their skills, and an hour hanging out with his team, where they get to know each other and share some laughs. 

As a top performer, Pedro’s career at Gusto has a high trajectory. After six months to a year as an inbound SDR, he’ll get promoted to outbound SDR, where he’ll have to reach out to customers cold. After that, there are paths that he can take as an account executive, selling to mid-market companies, accounting firms, or health insurance companies. 

New to Tech Sales? A Word of Advice from Pedro

If you’re currently enrolled in Flockjay’s tech sales program, new to sales, or an incoming SDR, Pedro has some words of advice for you. 

Currently Enrolled In Flockjay

“Trusting the process every day is so important. Each day, you’re going to have some homework and a few certifications, so just do them and trust the process. Make sure to get reps in with your Flockmates and book time with your instructors during office hours. The more reps that you get in, the better it will be for you in the end. Just hard work.”

New to Sales

“If you don’t have a sales background, my advice would be to understand that sales is really just about listening to your clients, finding solutions to problems, and typing up loose ends. Being pushy and shoving products down people’s throats is not what the job is. You don’t have to act like a used car salesman who gets people to buy no matter the circumstance. In fact, you can even be introverted to do the job. You’re just talking to people one-on-one. You don’t have to be completely outgoing or extroverted to be successful in sales. I’m definitely not.”

Incoming SDR

“My advice to incoming SDRs is to find a mentor at your company. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your boss or an account executive. It could be somebody that’s also an SDR who has been there for maybe five months. Most people in tech sales are good people. They’ll take you under their wing and help show you how things are done. And I was really lucky to have two mentors at Gusto Also, be curious. The whole process of the company, the whole sales infrastructure, see how you have an idea on how to make things better.”

That’s not all.

“As an SDR, you’re setting up meetings for an account executive, so it’s always good to get to know them and understand what they want from you. Every time you’re qualifying a customer, you two have to be completely in sync so they can close as many deals as possible and you both profit economically. In the relationship, you can find a way for both of you guys to be successful and to skyrocket your personal and career growth, so it’s definitely worth fostering.”

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