Note: we edited this article to reflect an updated application & contest deadline of June 4, 2021

Flockjay is an online 10-week tech sales bootcamp, no degree or prior experience req. to apply.

A head start can be the difference between someone investing in their career or putting their growth on hold. It can be challenging and feel downright impossible to pursue online learning without access to the tools and resources that keep you connected and set up for success.

At Flockjay, our mission is to empower everyone with access to the promise of upward mobility. But what if you literally can’t access Flockjay? It’s important for us to set you up for success and remove those barriers to get you in-flight.

We are excited to announce a foundational access contest that directly supports jobseekers interested in dedicating themselves to tech sales training.

In our #FlockjayHeadStart contest, Flockjay will award 10 incoming Flockjay applicants a MacBook Air laptop, Jabra Evolve2 headset, and a Visa debit card to help pay for 4 months of internet access.

If you want to break into tech, now is the time to bet on yourself. We want to help you succeed, which is why we’ve included tips on how to submit the best contest entry in the final section of this blog. On behalf of the entire Flockjay community and me, we’re looking forward to seeing you soar to new heights.

How to Enter the #FlockjayHeadStart Contest 

Flockjay is providing 10 motivated students the equipment they need to succeed in our program and their future tech sales careers. 

To enter to win, follow these instructions carefully:

1. Complete your Flockjay application for our class beginning on June 14th at

2. Create and share a 1-2 minute video on social media

  • In your video, be yourself and explain why you want to join Flockjay’s upcoming tech sales bootcamp and what access to a career in tech would mean to you!
  • Tag our profile on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, and be sure to include this hashtag in your post description: #FlockjayHeadStart
  • All posts must be publicly accessible

3. Submit your contest entry form here

You must submit your contest entry form and complete your application by June 4, 2021 at 11:59 pm PST to be eligible to win. Read full entry rules here

Winners will be chosen based on their application and video submission. You can see the first round of winning entries here. We will announce our next 10 winners in a public blog post and share it across our social channels; if you are a winner, you will be tagged and contacted directly by us. 

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Disclaimer: The value of the #FlockjayHeadStart contest equates to $1,482.31 per winner. Entry into this contest does not cover the cost of Flockjay tuition ($7,650). With our deferred tuition option, you can join Flockjay for $0 upfront. Once you graduate and are making at least $40k, you’ll pay a fixed monthly fee of $425 for 18 months. Our deferred tuition option makes it easier for you to break into tech and helps align our incentives with yours — we only win when you win.

Why Enter? A Head Start Can Be the Difference

Tech sales is a transformational career path, especially for jobseekers from non-traditional backgrounds. Everything we do stems from the belief that increasing access to education and networks of opportunity can challenge the way companies hire talent today.

Our vision is to provide greater access and opportunity through our platform and community where learners like YOU acquire skills and support, land the job, get promoted, and give back to other job seekers in the community.

Flockjay grads have launched their careers at companies like Zoom, Salesforce, Gong, and more. We are building a strong, connected, and supportive community that grows together. 

Enter our #FlockjayHeadStart Contest and submit your application today! 

What Makes a Great Flockjay Applicant?

Flockjay applicants hail from a diversity of backgrounds, which presents diversity among the challenges they face. No two students are the same, but all students have these things in common: grit, perseverance, and the growth mindset it takes to succeed in the tech industry. 

Flockjay applicants are people who are ready to change their lives. People who are eager to launch a lucrative career that better supports them, their families, and their communities. They are also hardworking people who have historically been excluded from access to upward mobility. 

You might be asking yourself, how do I know if tech sales is right for me? The answer to that question starts with debunking a few common misconceptions:

1. You do not need to know how to code to break into the tech industry (both coding bootcamps and tech sales bootcamps exist) 

2. You do not need a college degree or prior tech sales experience to get a job in tech sales, but you do need SKILLS that you likely already have; many people who land in this career have a background in retail, food service, finance, fitness, and more.

3. You do not need to be an extrovert to be a successful tech Sales Development Representative (SDR) 

The truth is, most people don’t realize they’ve been selling all their lives. Consider this word of advice from Pedro Morfin, a Flockjay grad and SDR at Gusto who pivoted from finance to tech sales

“If you don’t have a sales background, my advice would be to understand that sales is really just about listening to your clients, finding solutions to problems, and typing up loose ends. Being pushy and shoving products down people’s throats is not what the job is. You don’t have to get people to buy no matter the circumstance. In fact, you can even be introverted to do the job. You’re just talking to people one-on-one. You don’t have to be completely outgoing or extroverted to be successful in sales. I’m definitely not.”

Anna Trumbo, a Flockjay grad and SDR at Bambee who pivoted from hospitality to tech sales told us this about how she felt when she first joined our program: 

“Right off the bat, I got hit with a wave of positivity from an incredibly supportive community. If you’ve worked in bars, you’ll understand that I initially found this repellant and unnatural. I guess that’s what happens when you spend most of your time with pessimists lacking in enthusiasm – when confronted with genuine encouragement and cheerfulness, your gut reaction is a red flag. You assume these people are not for real. As it turns out, they are.  It didn’t take long to realize that all the ‘Way to go!’ encouragement came from a true place of kindness and empathy – not just from my fellow ‘flockmates,’ but from the sales trainers and Flockjay staff as well.”

Elise Cox, a multifaceted Flockjay grad now working as a Technical Sourcer at Gusto, said: 

“I went through Flockjay while working full time in the food industry and managing a large family. Since starting my new career I’ve already been promoted twice and am making 3x more than I was before. Flockjay changed the trajectory of my life in 3 months.”

What Makes a Great #FlockjayHeadStart Contest Submission?

Finally, you might be wondering what makes for an excellent contest submission to increase your chances of getting accepted into the program and winning our equipment giveaway. 

Flockjay contestants entering the #FlockjayHeadStart contest are people who are interested in joining our 10-week tech sales bootcamp that begins on May 10th but may be hindered by lack of access to a reliable computer, WiFi connectivity, and/or the proper equipment for online learning and selling. Consider these tips for submitting the best contest submission: 

  1. Read 3 Things to Know Before Applying to Flockjay to submit the strongest application

2. Record your 1-2 minute contest submission video in a well-lit room where your entire face is clearly visible

3. Set your phone up on a stable surface before hitting record, or ask a friend/family member to hold the camera and record for you 

4. Be authentically You! This is huge at Flockjay. We know that recording yourself can be nerve-racking, so we suggest you relax your shoulders, take a deep breath, speak from the heart, and avoid the temptation to tell us what you think we want to hear. This entry is about your personal story, and there is no right or wrong answer. And we can’t wait to hear it!

5. We suggest you clearly state your answers to the entry questions. Ex: “I recently learned about Flockjay’s tech sales bootcamp and I want to join because __________. As someone with a background in _________, I didn’t know a career in tech sales was a possibility. Now that I do, it excites me because it would change my life in this way: ___________.”

6. We want to do our part in learning to remove barriers to entry. Tell us a bit more about the specific factors that have hindered your professional career growth. Ex: Maybe the pandemic brought your current industry to a screeching halt; maybe you don’t have a personal computer because you are a parent on a tight budget; maybe you didn’t have access to a college education based on personal circumstances; maybe you’ve been overworked and underpaid for so long you aren’t sure how to pivot.

7. Express clear commitment in pursuing our program and believe in yourself. We believe in YOU!

Remember, the deadline to apply for our program and enter the #FlockjayHeadStart equipment contest is June 4, 2021 at 11:59pm PT. Get your entry in ASAP! 

Please let us know if you have any questions at all about pursuing a career in tech. You can read answers to our Applicant FAQ here and our team is always available to chat.

Your first day of online class is June 14, 2021. Class will take place over the following 10 weeks on Monday-Thursday from 5-8 PM PT. Good luck!

Your New Career in Tech Sales Starts Now

Sales is the best kept secret in tech, and Flockjay will show you the way. With online classes and live instructors, Flockjay teaches you everything you need to know to be job ready in just 10 weeks. Ready for a career change?