When COVID-19 first sent the US economy into a deep freeze, Celia Camacho-Chann got laid off from her bartending job and spent the next month unemployed. It was one of the toughest times of her life because she had always been working at least two jobs at once for the past decade.

However, flash forward ten months and you’ll find her carving a tech sales career at Gainsight, a Customer Success and Product Experience software, where she couldn’t be happier.

We sat down with Celia to discuss her journey from hospitality to sales. 

Life in the Hospitality Industry

After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in anthropology, Celia wasn’t sure if she wanted to go to graduate school, so she decided to pursue a career in hospitality to make ends meet and then dabble in as many career paths as possible on the side to see what she really wanted to do.

For the next decade, Celia would typically hold down one hospitality job while working in other fields like administrative work, landscaping, and customer experience. By 2020, she was working three jobs. But when COVID-19 hit, Celia found herself unemployed for the first time in her career.

Not wanting to rely on unemployment, Celia got in touch with some contacts from college and landed a job as a Customer Experience Associate at Eko, an electronic stethoscope & telemedicine company. But after a few months of only working one job, Celia got the itch to do something on the side again. And with her newfound passion for helping and talking to customers, she knew exactly what her next move was going to be after she saw an ad for Flockjay on Craigslist.

“At first, I thought it was a scam, but once I got on the website, I saw that they have the whole syllabus laid out and they really emphasize diversity and career services, which had me sold.”

Working Full-Time While Attending Flockjay

Even though Celia had to work a full-time job at Eko and was a little afraid she wouldn’t sound as confident as she should on presentations and calls, she hit the ground running. Especially when she started going to office hours with her trainers every Friday.

Celia’s favorite aspect of the program was how tailored the curriculum was. She always knew exactly what to focus on during the week.

“Every module is built on top of each other. So, for example, I could see how cold calling relates to discovery sessions. There was also always a good balance between seeing a great example of how to do something and then having time to do both individual and group practice,” says Celia.

“Sometimes, I think that educational programs skew too much in one direction. They either give you a little spiel and then you just go off and do it in a group. Or it’s the opposite, where there’s just a PowerPoint and then no activity at all. At Flockjay, I always thought there was a really good balance.”

Celia’s Start in Tech Sales

After graduation, Celia continued to work full-time while she interviewed with over ten companies for a job in tech sales. And since she was jumping around so much from work and interviews, she wasn’t able to book as many mock interviews as she would’ve liked.

Fortunately, her dedicated Career Service Manager (CSM) through Flockjay’s program felt all the more inclined to support her throughout the interview process.

“My CSM would always stay in touch and provide me with tons of resources, like case studies and behavioral questions that they knew my interviewers would look for or ask.”

Celia eventually landed a sales job at Gainsight, a Customer Success and Product Experience software company. And she has more access to upward mobility and, in turn, a career path that she’s actually more passionate about than ever before.

“My trainers at Flockjay would always mention how being an SDR can open up so many doors for you. Gainsight really emphasizes this, and it’s crazy how true it is. I could go into sales enablement after this. Or customer success and then make a lateral move or move up to the VP position or C-suite. They’re all about focusing on sharpening the skills and working on the projects that you want to work on.”

Switching Careers from Hospitality to Sales

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