Flockjay is a Glassdoor Best Place to Work in 2021

Flockjay is a Glassdoor Best Place to Work in 2021

Flockjay is pleased to announce we are among the winners of the annual Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards, a list of the Best Places to Work in 2021.

Unlike other awards, there is no self-nomination or application process. Instead, it’s entirely based on the feedback our employees have voluntarily and anonymously shared on Glassdoor. To determine the winners of the awards, Glassdoor evaluates all company reviews shared by employees over the past year.

This year, we are proud to be recognized as a Best Place to Work among U.S. companies with fewer than 1,000 employees. Flockjay ranks #21 out of 50 on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work US Small and Medium companies list!

Flockjay’s Future is Bright, Thanks to Our Community

A huge thank you goes out to all our employees who took the time to share their perspective on what it’s like to work here and be a member of our growing Flockjay community. We appreciate all the valuable feedback as it only helps us improve. We are proud to be on this journey with you and endlessly grateful for your collective support of our mission and commitment to diversity and inclusionCheers to continuing to build the future of tech together!

A word from Flockjay Founder and CEO, Shaan Hatharamani:

“It’s very important to us that our team members and our community members feel valued and supported, and it’s encouraging to see signs that we’re on the right track. We’re here to build a generational company, and it starts with investing in our people.”

Below are just a few words one employee shared on Glassdoor that contributed to the award and made us feel incredibly honored:

Excellent training, awesome team, friendly atmosphere, and there’s opportunity to grow.

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Flockjay is growing fast! We are so excited to continue working in support of our mission to empower upward mobility through education and access and would love to hear from anyone who wants to join us.

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To learn more about our students, read How Clovette Pivoted into Tech Sales with Flockjay or learn about Raven Winchester, who more than doubled her salary after reskilling with Flockjay. Read our company blog for more success stories that make our jobs so rewarding.

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Partner with Flockjay to Diversify & Strengthen Your Team

Flockjay reps already love to sell. They are trained by the best, onboard faster, perform better, and stay longer. Interested in diversifying your sales team with pre-trained talent?

Techlash Is a New Podcast Sponsored by Flockjay

Techlash Is a New Podcast Sponsored by Flockjay

Subscribe to Techlash on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Learn more at Hit Start Media.

In 2019, Flockjay Founder & CEO Shaan Hathiramani heard that an early employee from Carta was doing a series of interviews about the future of work for Forbes. Shaan read a handful of the articles and then emailed the author, Theo Miller. Without knowing that, Theo also cold emailed Flockjay the exact same week. That’s how aligned they were on the direction of the industry and the role Flockjay would play in the culture of tech.

Theo was the fifth employee at Carta, a late-stage fintech company in San Francisco that pioneered digital cap table management. Theo left Carta after four years to found a podcast company called Hit Start Media. Over the ensuing months, Shaan and Theo developed a show concept that ultimately went on hold due to the pandemic. But when Theo circled back with a new podcast series he had been developing, Shaan jumped at the opportunity to be the launch sponsor. Now, you can hear him share knowledge in the first episode! 


What is the Techlash Podcast About?

Techlash is a podcast about elevating consciousness in tech. The word gained prominence due to the rage many of us felt in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal at Facebook, interference with the 2016 election, and other violations of the public trust that were perpetrated by large tech companies that we had come to idealize since the advent of the iPhone.

The series is co-hosted by Theo and his former co-worker at Carta, Zibbie Nwokah, who started shortly after him and was instrumental in building the business through law firm partnerships. Zibbie has also been a fireside chat guest speaker here at Flockjay. Together, they analyze interviews with early-stage founders and influencers that are doing good in tech, not those who just hold aspirations of changing the world; we’re talking about progressive founders that are having an impact right now.

There are a handful of recurring themes you’ll hear about on Techlash from week-to-week. Socioeconomic diversity in the tech industry, building for underserved groups, providing access to the industry, user privacy, income share agreements, and creating a better safety net are just some of the topics that will be explored in the coming months.

Supporting Techlash and Flockjay

If Techlash sounds like something that you would enjoy or find informative, we strongly recommend you download the first episode featuring our CEO, Shaan. You can stream Techlash on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, or learn more about the series on the Hit Start website.

Partner with Flockjay to Diversify & Strengthen Your Team

Flockjay reps already love to sell. They are trained by the best, onboard faster, perform better, and stay longer. Interested in diversifying your sales team with pre-trained talent?
Meet SDR for Hire Kirsten Koppe

Meet SDR for Hire Kirsten Koppe

Our diverse community of students comes together from various non-traditional backgrounds to learn, reskill, and unite around a shared goal to break into tech sales as an SDR. It is with the utmost pride that we share their stories with incoming Tech Fellows, in addition to our mission-aligned hiring partners seeking to strengthen and diversify their sales teams with elite candidates.

Meet Kirsten Koppe, a Flockjay Tech Fellow from our seventh class and current SDR for hire. She shared a few details about her journey with us below. Her sales trainers had this to share:

“Kirsten stays calm under pressure and builds trust quickly with her professionalism and industry savvy. She is sharp, a quick learner, and loves a challenge. Kirsten is a sales professional who’s ready to make an impact on Day 1.”

What did life look like before you found Flockjay?

I’m a Southern California native and went to UCLA. After graduating, I decided to follow my passion and pursue a career as a professional dancer.  This unconventional path was full of ups and downs, but it taught me how to push past rejection and how to use little wins as motivation to keep going and to work harder every day.  Finally, my perseverance paid off and I got in front of the right people and made the right connections to launch a successful career in the dance industry.

As a dancer, health and fitness had always been a huge part of my life, so I transitioned into the wellness industry and became an instructor at SoulCycle. For six years, I led the pack in both Los Angeles and Chicago and played an integral role in expanding both markets from the ground up.

I had wanted to get into tech sales for a while and leverage those business development skills I had honed, but I didn’t know how to make the jump without having traditional sales experience. Simultaneously, COVID-19 hit, negatively impacting the fitness industry, and I found Flockjay. It truly felt like the stars had aligned for me and I found my answer!

What accomplishments are you most proud of? 

My road to success as a professional dancer was not an easy one. I faced a lot of “no’s” before I finally got the biggest “yes” I could have ever imagined when I landed a role as a dancer for Katy Perry.  This huge win jump-started my career, and I went on to appear in numerous films, TV shows, and several national commercial campaigns.  

At SoulCycle, I was given an opportunity for advancement to relocate to Chicago to open the very first SoulCycle market in the Midwest. I knew I would have to start from scratch and build a whole new book of business in a city in which I knew no one, but I was up for the challenge.

My Chicago team and I developed creative strategies to prospect new customers and to build a robust client network in our new city. We worked relentlessly to meet our quotas and it paid off.

In just two and a half years, Chicago became the third-highest volume market behind New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area as a direct result of my hard work.

What most excites you about a future SDR role?

To be honest, I’m most excited about having a job where my compensation directly reflects my hard work. My favorite part about being an instructor at SoulCycle was the competition aspect and the performance-based compensation structure, but unfortunately, the ceiling was very low and there was no opportunity for growth. I’m really excited to get into an SDR role where I will have more opportunities financially and professionally.

Advice for someone who wants to break into tech?

It’s all about that growth mindset!  You’re either winning or you’re learning, so my advice to anyone who wants to break into tech, especially if you don’t have traditional sales experience, is to look at setbacks as gifts and use them as learning opportunities to keep getting better.

Follow Her Journey from Tech Fellow to Elite SDR

We encourage you to connect with Kirsten on LinkedIn to follow her upward journey. While you’re there, follow Flockjay for more Tech Fellow spotlights and success stories.

Are you a sales leader who is growing your team? If you’d like to connect with more quality SDRs for hire like Kirsten, please email partners@flockjay.com or get more info right now.

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Partner with Flockjay to Diversify & Strengthen Your Team

Flockjay reps already love to sell. They are trained by the best, onboard faster, perform better, and stay longer. Interested in diversifying your sales team with pre-trained talent?

3 Lessons on Managing a Diverse Remote Sales Team

3 Lessons on Managing a Diverse Remote Sales Team

The last six months have been humbling as a sales manager. Overnight, I transitioned from being a 100% IRL manager to being 100% remote. Initially, I was overly confident, thinking how hard can this really be!? Got this in the bag. 🏆  But I quickly realized that managing a team of remote salespeople presented some unique challenges. 

Managing sales teams remotely is different than managing any other team for a few reasons:

  1. Sales reps hold extra stress from carrying quota (especially in a volatile market)
  2. Sales reps no longer have the opportunity for real-time social learning
  3. Sales reps miss the motivation of friendly competition

As a sales professional in this new remote world, I realized that I needed to invest in learning how to manage a diverse, measured, social team if I wanted to maintain a high performing team. 

These are some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way. If we make it a point to do a better job of understanding and supporting each other within a remote framework, our teams have the freedom to get better, grow stronger, and thrive onward. Not to mention, reduce attrition and decrease ramp time, which helps us hit our numbers. 

At Flockjay, we connect top tech companies with diverse, pre-trained sales reps. (more…)

6 Tech Sales Job Interviewing Tips from an Expert Recruiter

6 Tech Sales Job Interviewing Tips from an Expert Recruiter

You can’t put a price on insight, especially coming from Flockjay fireside chat guest speaker Allie Covarrubias- Clapp, Director of Recruiting at Plenty. She recently shared actionable tips with our students, also known as Tech Fellows, on how to strengthen and sell their own candidacy when interviewing for tech sales jobs. 

Muhammad Elfaham, a Batch 5 Flockjay Tech Fellow, shared this takeaway:  

“With her outstanding experience at Box and as a veteran at Salesforce, Alison has lived to see many companies start-up and exponentially grow. It was refreshing to listen in on her wisdom and transparency sharing some secrets in the hiring process, whether with a recruiter or a hiring manager. My favorite quote from her last night was: ‘You are interviewing these companies just as much as they are interviewing you.’”

If you’re a jobseeker, soak up six interviewing tips to help you land your next role. 

1. Bring Virtual Presentation Ability to the Interview

As you begin focusing on the interview cycle, know that interviews are very dependent on the actual environment. Right now, that environment is completely online. This makes it incredibly important to have some type of presentation ability prior to interview day. Yes, knowing how to operate Zoom or similar video conferencing software is a baseline – but this goes beyond that. 

Do you know how to sell yourself to a virtual audience? Sometimes this requires over communicating your emotions, almost like an actor on a stage. What about how to quiet the other distractions? It’s not acceptable at this point to not be able to get online or have consistent WiFi crash issues. Get a connection booster if possible.

2. Don’t Say You Can Do it, Tell Them How You Have Done It

You might think you don’t have any relevant experience to talk about, but you probably do. For instance, maybe you worked in the food service industry. Did you come up with a plan to improve guest seating, expedite order delivery, or clean the kitchen faster? These are all great examples to highlight your abilities. 

Even if you haven’t worked at a startup, it’s important to show that you can handle a potential startup sales environment (read: chaotic, ambiguous, challenging, rewarding). 

3. Track Your Recruiting Adventure and Job Interviewing Process

What are your goals? What metrics would you set for yourself? Sales people are numbers people – they want to hear about processes and numbers. Do your best to speak their language by talking metrics and goal targeting. If you’re thinking, “But wait… I don’t have that data.” Start collecting it.

Track your recruiting adventure as a point of reference, considering: 

  • How many companies have you targeted?
  • What is the number of LinkedIn InMails you’ve sent? 
  • How many follow up emails have you sent?
  • What actions did you take in between interviews to get to the next stage? 

As Allie said, “Notice your process. Notice what you’re doing to get to where you are.”

4. Demonstrate Your Grit—It’s an Employer’s Market 

Allie shed some light on her experiences as a recruiter, noting that we are currently in an “employer’s market.” What does this mean? In short, given the unemployment rate, hiring managers have a lot of quality resumes to sift through. You need them more than they need you, which is why these interviewing tips will prove valuable. With encouragement, she said:

“You’ve really got to demonstrate your hunger, your ability, your persistency, your style, and your passion for the company to get those coveted spots.” 

5. Make Friends with the Gatekeeper: the Recruiter

Allie says job seekers shouldn’t be afraid to ask the hiring manager questions like, “What is the manager’s style like? What is the time frame of your hiring process? How many other people are you interviewing?” Some common language in the recruiting space that she mentioned is also the question, “Are you still calibrating candidates?” Slide that one in and your recruiter might pick up on the fact that you’ve done your research. The more information you can get from the recruiter in that first discovery call, the better advantage you have. The worst thing to feel coming out of an interview interaction is not knowing where you stand.

Being authentic about who you are and communicating that effectively will help the recruiter make their decision. For Allie, she said, “I personally hate questions that have no soul to them.” 

6. What’s Important to You? Do a Forced Stack Ranking Exercise

Allie mentioned that the exercise of forced stack ranking has helped her career path in terms of working with people. From the jobseeker’s standpoint, she says to force yourself to stack rank the most important elements in this role to you. What is important to you in this next move? Start with that question and work backwards to uncover the answer, using Allie’s suggested 12 factor exercise.

It’s going to sound simple, but don’t underestimate how impactful this exercise can be. Our Tech Fellows reported this as one of their favorite interviewing tips from Allie.

Allie says the first step to figuring out what really matters, is to write down the 12 most important things to you in your next career move. Whether you think that number seems like a lot or a little, Allie found that “12 has been this sweet spot.” Think about everything from what you want personally to what you want within your role and the company itself. Then put them in order.

Don’t get bogged down thinking about forever, though – approach this by thinking about the next five years. Based on your experiences, what do you want more of that you have now? What do you want more of that you’re not getting? If you don’t want to get real with yourself about those answers, your uncertainty will come through to recruiters when you’re talking.

By the end of the exercise, you end up with your true compass of what matters to you in the workforce. Maybe you learn that the ability to work remotely is more important than your title, maybe you do some thinking about the importance of company culture and mentorship and find out it ranks higher than your salary goal, you won’t know until you force yourself to rank these factors. 

Flockjay Tech Fellows Learn from Weekly Expert Fireside Chats

Big thanks to Allie for taking the time to share her knowledge and expert interviewing tips with our Batch 5 Tech Fellows. Weekly fireside chats with industry experts are a core element of our online tech sales program here at Flockjay, because we believe in the power of learning from those who came before you. 

Are you a jobseeker who is ready for a change? Join our flock!

4 Leadership Lessons from Microsoft Chairman John Thompson

4 Leadership Lessons from Microsoft Chairman John Thompson

Listen up, leaders! Flockjay had the honor of sitting down with John Thompson, Microsoft Chairman of the Board, to discuss the importance of leadership stepping up to take action and build diverse and digitally fluent teams. John started his career at IBM where he built their software sales business over 28 years, before becoming the CEO of Symantec and Virtana. 

Today, John is the Chairman of the Board of Microsoft following Bill Gates’ departure, and is an active startup investor and advisor. Our CEO, Shaan Hatharamani, and Senior Sales Trainer, Teila Evans, hosted this fireside chat, joining John for an incredibly relevant discussion. 

Many leaders are navigating uncharted territory in these times of economic and social unrest, but they’re not alone in facing these new experiences. As John put it, “This is the most unusual business environment I’ve seen in all the years I’ve been on the planet, much less been in business.”

We encourage you to listen to the full fireside chat, but here’s a quick recap. (more…)