College vs. Career Bootcamps when Pursuing Sales

College vs. Career Bootcamps when Pursuing Sales

Throughout history, the gatekeepers of the tech industry have made the college diploma an integral part of their ticket to get in. A degree meant you had the skills to get off to a good start in the working world. And that you were competent enough to pick up the skills that would allow you to thrive in the long term.

But today, that ticket is evolving at a rapid pace, especially in tech sales. Hiring managers have realized that the overwhelming majority of degrees offered at universities do not equip graduates with the skills necessary to succeed in sales. And the universities that do offer a sales major are few and far between.

Instead, what hiring managers are starting to look for in candidates is a particular set of traits. More specifically, emotional intelligence, grit, resiliency, optimism, diligence, verbal communication, curiosity, coachability, and confidence.

So regardless of how you developed these traits — through bartending, food service, or retail — you’ll be a shoe-in in the tech sales space if you can refine these traits into sales skills through a career bootcamp like Flockjay.

However, you might still be strongly considering going to college. After all, it’s college, right? Below, we’ll show you why we believe a bootcamp can prepare you for a career in sales. Even if you are in college, went to college, or have prior sales experience, bootcamps can accelerate upskilling. Each person’s career journey is unique! Learn about your options. 


 Cost is one of the biggest differentiating factors when comparing college vs career bootcamps. 


With 65% of college seniors owing an average of $29,200 in student loans, college can easily saddle you with a mountain of debt the moment you get handed your diploma. Student loan payments also have interest, so if you can’t afford to pay the interest on your loans, then your interest will accrue interest.

Even if you’re looking for the cheapest option — state schools — you’ll still have to pay a pretty penny for it. State schools have been able to raise their tuition significantly more than private schools have been able to. This makes it tougher than ever to find a good deal on a college education these days. In fact, from 2008 – 2021, in-state tuition prices among National Universities.

And with the average in-state tuition hovering around $10,000 today, you could easily be drowning in $40,000 of debt right after graduation, which could potentially stall your life plans like it did for the people featured in Netflix’s Money Explained. The clip below is eye opening.

Career Bootcamp like Flockjay

If you decide to enroll in a career bootcamp like Flockjay, you’ll only have to pay deferred tuition of $7,650. That means you’ll pay a monthly installment of $425 for 18 months — but only if you land a job that pays you at least $40,000 per year. As a result, you won’t accrue any debt!

Time Commitment

Both college and career bootcamps require an investment in time. You get out what you put in. 


With class and homework, college is at least a 20-25 hour time commitment per week for four years. On top of this workload, you might also have to take on a part-time job to help pay for tuition or just to make ends meet.

Even if you make the time commitment and earn a college degree, though, it’s still not a surefire way of getting a job. The overwhelming majority of employers only consider entry-level candidates who have gotten relevant internship experience during their summer or winter breaks. If you don’t have this relevant internship experience, then you won’t even be able to land a first-round interview at these companies.

Even worse, most college students get their first internship through a family connection, so landing an internship can be especially tough for people who do not have family connections in the corporate world.

Career Bootcamp like Flockjay

Flockjay is a 20-hour time commitment per week for ten weeks. Our program runs Monday- Thursday from 5 PM – 8 PM PST so there will be no conflict with your full-time job.

If you meet our graduation requirements, you will be assigned a dedicated Career Service Manager who will make introductions with our hiring partners and set up interviews for you with them. From mastering tech sales to introducing you to your future employer, we’ve got you covered.

Quality of Education


In college, the majority of your classes will consist of a professor lecturing you and hundreds of other students. Most of these professors are also much more focused on their own research rather than teaching. As a result, they will barely pay any attention to you, let alone know your name. Additionally, your social life will take priority over learning in college, especially when attendance isn’t required.

Career Bootcamp like Flockjay

At Flockjay, you will engage in compelling presentations and interactive group activities. Our trainers are all current full-time tech sales representatives who teach after their 9-5, which earns them well over six figures, so being a trainer is much more about paying it forward than earning extra cash. We also have attendance and homework requirements that you must meet in order to graduate so there’s no skipping class to drink beer!

Apply for Our Tech Sales Bootcamp Today!

If you want to forgo a mountain of debt and a degree that’s more of a formality than anything, consider applying for our tech sales training program! In just ten weeks, you’ll learn about everything from sales techniques to sales software and also potentially land a sales job at one of the top tech companies in the world, like Salesforce, Zoom, or Gong!

Your New Career in Tech Sales Starts Now

Sales is the best kept secret in tech, and Flockjay will show you the way. With online classes and live instructors, Flockjay teaches you everything you need to know to be job ready in just 10 weeks. Ready for a career change?

How Audrey Changed Careers During a Pandemic

How Audrey Changed Careers During a Pandemic

As a vibrant person with service industry experience and a passion for creating art, a career in tech sales wasn’t something that was initially on Audrey Young’s radar. Now, Audrey, like so many professionals in the tech industry, is on an upward trajectory she never saw coming. 

For years she had gained experience in restaurant management, only to have that path utterly halted by the pandemic in 2020. While navigating the impact of the COVID-19 curveball that left her entire industry facing unemployment, she found herself seeking more stability. 

That search led her to enroll in a 10-week tech sales bootcamp. Here, she learned that she had been building valuable interpersonal skills for years in her prior roles. This rang clear in her strong communication skills, work ethic, coachability, and authenticity in building relationships. 

Today, Audrey is soaring as a Business Development Rep (BDR) at ChartHop. With her personal skills and commitment to training, she was able to break into tech quickly. She graduated from Flockjay during Halloween 2020 and got hired in January 2021!

This Flockjay alumni sat down with us to share more details about her career journey into tech sales, including the challenges she had to overcome to find herself where she is today.

Keep reading to learn how Audrey changed careers during a pandemic. 

Pivoting from College Classes to Restaurant Management 

In college, Audrey was managing a lot of passions while seeking stability. In her own words: 

“I have a lot of passions, including helping others and sugar! The sad part is that I couldn’t make a career out of those things and make the money needed to support me and my family. I felt the only option for stability was to keep pursuing restaurant management because it was convenient and I was good at it. Sometimes we don’t get to have it all, and college doesn’t make it easy to finish and work full time.”

She had already gained experience working as a busser and a server in college, so becoming a Restaurant Manager seemed like a natural next step. 

Audrey eventually got promoted to a position where she was making $55,000 per year, albeit at 65 hours per week and 6 days a week. But things were looking good. This was her career now. 

However, when she returned to work from taking some well-deserved time off, she realized that restaurant management may not be for her. She wasn’t welcomed back with grace, and began to question her opportunities for growth in the industry. 

“When I came back, the restaurant was in complete chaos and I got reamed for it. I saw my manager’s true colors at that moment and realized that she was unethical and selfish. I dealt with it because they offered me a salary and health insurance, which I never had. At that point, I had just convinced myself that the service industry was the only career path for me.” 

For the next year, Audrey went above and beyond at work — doing inventory, payroll, scheduling, hiring, training and running a wine training program — but she still couldn’t get a raise or a transfer. This was especially frustrating since she had been working at the restaurant for six years and her boss wasn’t willing or excited to help with her growth within the company.

This is when she finally hit her breaking point and left the unhealthy work environment she’d been in. Around this time, her partner had got accepted into a music school in San Diego. Soon after, she packed up her bags, moved, and got a restaurant management job in her new city.

Then, COVID-19 shut the entire restaurant industry down.

How were they going to make ends meet and keep a roof over their heads? A question that rose to the forefront for hundreds of thousands of Americans forced to face the impact of an industry-halting pandemic. What now?

Navigating Personal and Professional Growth During COVID-19

Audrey was fresh on the heels of an exciting new journey and felt crushed when the pandemic engulfed her industry in uncertainty. Audrey and her partner had no choice but to get creative, remain flexible, and work together to envision and implement a new plan. One that required putting everything they owned in storage. That takes resilience.

“My partner had to leave music school. I got laid off from my job and no one was hiring. We didn’t have enough money and had nowhere to go, so we moved into his parents’ camper, then to our friend’s spare bedroom with our three cats. It was tough.”

During this arduous process, Audrey leaned on her art as a positive creative outlet and had the gift of time to go inward and intentionally think about what she really wanted out of her next role. 

Her restaurant management experience had armed her with tons of incredible skills, but the unstable nature of the industry led her to experience self-doubt and depression.

Eventually, her and her partner were able to secure a temporary Airbnb in San Diego, allowing him to finish up music school. From there, they relocated back to an apartment in Denver to navigate their next steps as the pandemic continued to unfold. 

Finding Flockjay through a Craigslist Hunt for Opportunities

With an increasing awareness of how previous restaurant environments had negatively impacted her mental health, Audrey was eager to feel better. She knew it was time to break up with the restaurant industry if she wanted to prioritize her mental health and grow professionally. Unsure how to execute on this desired career change, she got curious and began researching. 

Audrey was surfing Craigslist for new job opportunities when an ad stopped her in her tracks. It was for Flockjay, a 10-week tech sales bootcamp, on a mission to provide people from diverse backgrounds with the training, confidence, and community they need to break into tech. No fancy college degree was required, and it mentioned a deferred tuition option that allowed students to join for $0 down and repay tuition after they are hired and earning at least $40k annually. This information resonated with her, but it was the first time she’d heard of career bootcamps as a real option for people with her background. Could this opportunity be for her? 

“I was thinking to myself, ‘This is insane. This makes no sense.’ I even told my family about it and they were like, ‘Okay, this sounds scammy.” 

But Audrey’s interest was piqued. She decided to ask her friends who were working in tech sales about their careers and got positive feedback. After conducting more research and realizing that Flockjay was legit, she decided to chat with one of our Admissions Advisors, Mo.

“Once Mo saw that I had studied Human Development in college and recognized that I was super passionate about it, she told me that Flockjay could help me get a job in EdTech or at a company that collaborates with nonprofits. I could pursue a job at a place that aligned with my personal goals, not just your typical tech company. And that’s what sold me. There were way more opportunities out there than what I originally thought coming from the restaurant industry.”

She decided to join our seventh batch of students and become a Flockjay Tech Fellow.

Overcoming Mental Health Obstacles During Class

Shortly after joining Flockjay, Audrey and her partner’s unemployment benefits in Denver ran out. They were on the brink of eviction and had to turn to the weekly food bank for support. Audrey shared that when the food bank provided them with a big turkey, they were able to make the best of it and eat turkey soup every night. 

To make ends meet, Audrey sold her car and watched her dad’s dog for $40 per night. During some earlier hardships in her life, she also resorted to assembling Ikea furniture for cash. 

While working hard to regain financial stability and pursue a new and unfamiliar opportunity, the state of Audrey’s mental health remained an obstacle. Her depression was becoming unmanageable, so to pursue treatment, she flew out to California to get a brain scan. 

Audrey was in the third week of Flockjay’s program during this time, and she personally still planned on attending class. But when she tried to dial in from her phone, she couldn’t get internet access. Feeling unprepared for a breakout session and overwhelmed by the hiccup, she admits having the urge to quit the program right then and there.

“By then, I was just so stressed out and upset. It felt like the final straw.”

However, Audrey decided to do her homework assignments for the week. And they motivated her to soldier on.

“I was in this hotel room by myself, waiting to fly out the next day, when I remembered that I needed to write a LinkedIn post. It had to be about tech, but I didn’t want to say something fake. But I also didn’t want to tell the world what was really going on with me. No one wants to hear that. At the end of the day, though, I just decided to be honest.”

What that honestly looked like:

Audrey Young LinkedIn feedback

After sharing that first LinkedIn post, Audrey continued to authentically thrive in Flockjay’s program, especially when it came to building a community with her other Flockmates. 

Being this open and vulnerable changed Audrey’s perspective on adversity and helped her turn the corner. She felt validated and encouraged by the responses on her post from people who also suffered from depression. Feeling less alone, she persevered and made it to graduation. 

Practicing Authenticity During the Interview Process

After hitting the 10-week mark and graduating from Flockjay, Audrey began the interview process. At this point, graduates work with dedicated Career Services Managers (CSM) for interactive coaching and tips on how to crush their interviews, make lasting impressions, and get hired by companies who support them. Part of this is knowing how to share your story. 

For Audrey, the idea of sharing the various elements of her story with a potential employer initially felt daunting. So at first, she wasn’t forthcoming with sharing those personal details. 

“I was struggling with how much to share and how to share it. So I just didn’t share at all and was like, ‘I am good at these things. I can do this.’ I didn’t really show them why or how I am good at those things, though,” says Audrey.

“Then I did a mock interview with my CSM and he said, ‘I wouldn’t hire you. You didn’t wow me. What happened to your story about being homeless during COVID and having nowhere to go? Don’t you think if you tell me your story that I’m going to believe you’re going to be a badass SDR and make money for my company?’”  

From then on, Audrey felt empowered by her story. When she started practicing sharing it during her various interviews, she could tell she was impressing her interviewers. She felt like she was on the verge of getting hired, and she was right. 

From Flockjay to Hired Sales Development Rep at ChartHop

After interviewing with ten different companies and landing five different final round interviews, Audrey received an offer to join the sales team at ChartHop. It was a full circle moment. 

“I have a video of me dancing. I don’t know if I can even put it into words because it’s such a validating and relieving feeling, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s honestly unbelievable. After such a hard year in the restaurant industry, I almost couldn’t believe it when I got the offer to join ChartHop’s sales team. I felt a weird blend of shock and pride.”

Today, Audrey is entering her fourth month at ChartHop as an SDR, where she has hit or exceeded her quota for three months. 

The collective flock is proudly rooting her on, because graduating and getting hired is not where the Tech Fellow journey ends. It is only where the Flockjay Alumni journey begins.

From Flockmates to Friends, The Career Support Doesn’t End 

Building community and providing mutual support is such an integral part of Flockjay’s program. The power of the connections students make in the first 10 weeks of the program and beyond is something that cannot be understated during such a pivotal time of transformation and growth.

Audrey’s batch was no exception, exuding Flockjay’s value of flying farther and faster together.

“A group of friends I made in the program nicknamed ourselves ‘The Kingdom’ because we were like birds who came together. We would meet after class every Thursday and we could stay on for two, three hours and sometimes into the middle of the night. We would just support each other and talk about our lives and our biggest fears. These people changed my life.

Now, we’re all placed at different jobs and we still meet and have a group text. We’ll share sales tips from time to time, but what we value the most is our bond with each other.  These people are so important to me. And they were my favorite part of Flockjay. Because without any human connection, you’re just getting information thrown at you, not getting reps in and making deep connections with others, which makes you better at sales anyways.”

Audrey’s Flockjay Alumni Journey and Community Involvement 

Audrey has decided to give back to the Flockjay community by working as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for a recent batch of students going through the program. She has also been involved with Flockjay Identity Groups (FIGs), which are outlets for connection among diverse alumni groups. Audrey says: 

“I loved the program for the connections I made and the empowerment I got from my trainers and peers. I decided to be as involved as I could and joined as a co-leader for the Womxns FIGS group, and also became a TA for Batch 12! I love to contribute to a positive environment that supports diverse and talented individuals to reach their potential and make money doing it. We all have different stories and I live to hear everyone’s stories. My life is greatly enhanced by the people I encounter through Flockjay.”

Wondering How to Change Careers? You Can Do This

Audrey’s journey from the restaurant industry to unemployment to tech sales took turns she never expected, and believing in herself has yielded results she never dreamed possible. 

“I just feel so lucky,” Audrey says. “And blessed.”

Your New Career in Tech Sales Starts Now

Sales is the best kept secret in tech, and Flockjay will show you the way. With online classes and live instructors, Flockjay teaches you everything you need to know to be job ready in just 10 weeks. Ready for a career change?

From Life as a Translator to a Career in Sales

From Life as a Translator to a Career in Sales

After working as an assistant manager at a wine shop in Brooklyn, Oriana De Francesco decided to take a leap of faith and launch her own language services business. Being fluent in both French and Spanish, Oriana started translating for attorneys who worked in the immigration space and were aiding asylum seekers. It was the most rewarding job she’s ever had.

Within four years, Oriana’s business was generating enough revenue to make ends meet. But then suddenly, everything came crashing down.

“The pandemic shut down my entire business,” says Oriana. “Most of my clients canceled their projects, and I was basically left in this void of existential crisis. I needed to find a new path in life.”

Oriana decided to leave New York, a city ravaged by COVID-19, and move back home to San Francisco. While relieved to be in familiar surroundings, the reality of her situation began to kick in: “What was she going to do now?”

Discovering an Opportunity at Flockjay

A few weeks later, Oriana stumbled upon a feature article in the San Francisco Chronicle about Raven Winchester, a former janitor who completed Flockjay’s ten-week tech sales bootcamp and landed a job as a Business Development Representative at LaunchDarkly, a company whose offices she used to clean as a janitor.

“Her story really inspired me,” says Oriana. “If she could make that drastic of a change in her career, maybe I could, too.”

After doing some more digging, Oriana realized that a career in sales had the job security she was looking for, and the tech industry is one of the most stable spaces around. She applied and interviewed for Flockjay’s tech sales program and was enrolled into their ninth batch of students.

“I interviewed with Nagieb, one of Flockjay’s Admissions Advisors, and he was great. He wanted to know about my background and my goals. He’s just so good with people,” says Oriana.

“I was also able to ask him a lot of questions. I wanted to learn more about the program and how I was going to be able to complete it and come out of it with a job. He was very thorough. I really enjoyed my conversation with him.”

Mastering Sales Through Flockjay

As Oriana progressed through Flockjay’s program, there were two components of the program  that blew her away:

  1. The ease of building community with her classmates or “flockmates”
  2. The mentorship and coaching provided by Flockjay’s trainers

Flockjay’s Community: “The first part of the program that I loved was this amazing comradery that was built up between me and my classmates. We were all trying to transform our lives, which is obviously super challenging, but I never felt alone during this process because I had all of these other people around me supporting and lifting each other up. They were these amazing, brave, and courageous people, and we were all in it together,” says Oriana. “We even gave ourselves a team name, ‘The Mighty Ducks’”.

Flockjay’s Coaching and Mentorship: “I would have one‑on‑ones with a very learned and diverse set of instructors, (Lauren Lovelace, Kevin Uong, Justin Solis) and it was so incredible to get all of these different perspectives on how to approach the Sales Development Representative role. They would also just give us a ton of fundamental advice about sales. I’ve never worked in sales or tech, so I’m really a novice. Having these instructors was hugely helpful.”

After graduating from Flockjay with flying colors, Oriana’s dedicated Career Service Manager, Gino Calavitta, made introductions to a number of Flockjay’s hiring partners. In a flash, Oriana was getting interview requests left and right. Eventually, she was getting so many that she had to turn some down. And as someone who was unemployed for the past year, she felt overwhelmed with gratitude.

“Without Flockjay, there was absolutely no way I could get a job in tech sales. I didn’t have a single entry point into the industry, but Flockjay closed that network gap for me, which is part of a larger inequality gap that we have in America,” says Oriana.

“You can be extremely smart, talented, and driven, but if you don’t know the right people, you’re never gonna get your foot in the door. Flockjay really allows those of us who don’t have the right network or experience to not only land a job but also build a career by making introductions to their hiring partners and their network of sales leaders.”

Nine interviews later, Envoy, a workplace experience software, ticked all the boxes for her.

“Envoy is extremely people-focused. They really invest in their employees, and they offer an amazing platform that’s helping reopen the global economy by getting people back to work through the hybrid model,” says Oriana.

When Oriana officially received a job offer to be a Business Development Representative at Envoy, she felt a mix of both pure joy and astonishment. “I almost couldn’t believe what I had accomplished because it was such a rapid transformation. In four months, I went from unemployed to signing a job offer. It’s unreal. Flockjay literally transformed my life.”

Change Your Life Like Oriana Did Today

If Oriana’s story resonates with you and you want to make a life-changing career move today, consider applying for our tech sales training program. In just ten weeks, you’ll learn about everything from sales techniques to sales software and also potentially land a sales job at one of the top tech companies in the world, like Salesforce, Zoom, or Gong!

If you want to read more student success stories, check out our testimonials.

Your New Career in Tech Sales Starts Now

Sales is the best kept secret in tech, and Flockjay will show you the way. With online classes and live instructors, Flockjay teaches you everything you need to know to be job ready in just 10 weeks. Ready for a career change?

Celia’s Journey From Hospitality to Sales

Celia’s Journey From Hospitality to Sales

When COVID-19 first sent the US economy into a deep freeze, Celia Camacho-Chann got laid off from her bartending job and spent the next month unemployed. It was one of the toughest times of her life because she had always been working at least two jobs at once for the past decade.

However, flash forward ten months and you’ll find her carving a tech sales career at Gainsight, a Customer Success and Product Experience software, where she couldn’t be happier.

We sat down with Celia to discuss her journey from hospitality to sales. 

Life in the Hospitality Industry

After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in anthropology, Celia wasn’t sure if she wanted to go to graduate school, so she decided to pursue a career in hospitality to make ends meet and then dabble in as many career paths as possible on the side to see what she really wanted to do.

For the next decade, Celia would typically hold down one hospitality job while working in other fields like administrative work, landscaping, and customer experience. By 2020, she was working three jobs. But when COVID-19 hit, Celia found herself unemployed for the first time in her career.

Not wanting to rely on unemployment, Celia got in touch with some contacts from college and landed a job as a Customer Experience Associate at Eko, an electronic stethoscope & telemedicine company. But after a few months of only working one job, Celia got the itch to do something on the side again. And with her newfound passion for helping and talking to customers, she knew exactly what her next move was going to be after she saw an ad for Flockjay on Craigslist.

“At first, I thought it was a scam, but once I got on the website, I saw that they have the whole syllabus laid out and they really emphasize diversity and career services, which had me sold.”

Working Full-Time While Attending Flockjay

Even though Celia had to work a full-time job at Eko and was a little afraid she wouldn’t sound as confident as she should on presentations and calls, she hit the ground running. Especially when she started going to office hours with her trainers every Friday.

Celia’s favorite aspect of the program was how tailored the curriculum was. She always knew exactly what to focus on during the week.

“Every module is built on top of each other. So, for example, I could see how cold calling relates to discovery sessions. There was also always a good balance between seeing a great example of how to do something and then having time to do both individual and group practice,” says Celia.

“Sometimes, I think that educational programs skew too much in one direction. They either give you a little spiel and then you just go off and do it in a group. Or it’s the opposite, where there’s just a PowerPoint and then no activity at all. At Flockjay, I always thought there was a really good balance.”

Celia’s Start in Tech Sales

After graduation, Celia continued to work full-time while she interviewed with over ten companies for a job in tech sales. And since she was jumping around so much from work and interviews, she wasn’t able to book as many mock interviews as she would’ve liked.

Fortunately, her dedicated Career Service Manager (CSM) through Flockjay’s program felt all the more inclined to support her throughout the interview process.

“My CSM would always stay in touch and provide me with tons of resources, like case studies and behavioral questions that they knew my interviewers would look for or ask.”

Celia eventually landed a sales job at Gainsight, a Customer Success and Product Experience software company. And she has more access to upward mobility and, in turn, a career path that she’s actually more passionate about than ever before.

“My trainers at Flockjay would always mention how being an SDR can open up so many doors for you. Gainsight really emphasizes this, and it’s crazy how true it is. I could go into sales enablement after this. Or customer success and then make a lateral move or move up to the VP position or C-suite. They’re all about focusing on sharpening the skills and working on the projects that you want to work on.”

Switching Careers from Hospitality to Sales

If Celia’s story resonates with you and you also want to make a life-changing career move today, consider applying for our tech sales training program. In just ten weeks, you’ll learn about everything from sales techniques to sales software and also potentially land a sales job at one of the top tech companies in the world, like Salesforce, Zoom, or Gong!

Your New Career in Tech Sales Starts Now

Sales is the best kept secret in tech, and Flockjay will show you the way. With online classes and live instructors, Flockjay teaches you everything you need to know to be job ready in just 10 weeks. Ready for a career change?

Announcing 10 #FlockjayHeadStart Contest Winners

Announcing 10 #FlockjayHeadStart Contest Winners

Last week, we launched our first official #FlockjayHeadStart equipment contest in alignment with our mission to empower upward mobility. Today, we are excited to share who our 10 winners are. These incoming Tech Fellows will receive a premium laptop, headset, and Visa debit card to help cover four months of internet access.

We’d like to thank and celebrate each person who entered for taking a chance on themselves and sharing their story. Our admissions team thoughtfully considered each submission and our decisions were not easy! As a reminder, winners were chosen based on their overall application, video submission, and need for equipment access.

Without further ado, please join us in celebrating the following winners of our #FlockjayHeadStart equipment contest! You can watch each of their video submissions to learn more about them. 🎥

#FlockjayHeadStart Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of our #FlockjayHeadStart contest, listed in no particular order. As with every student, we are so grateful for the opportunity to be a footnote in the story of your career journey.

We look forward to taking flight with you and watching you soar!

1. Aja Al-harbawi

Hear from Aja, who is excited to embark on a new career path. With a background in retail, she didn’t know it was a possibility to join a program like Flockjay’s and admits she’s been hindered by a lot of factors on her journey. She says, “I want to flourish and gain exceptional skills and impact peoples lives. Flockjay told me that I can actually succeed. I have been hindered by a lot of factors, as my parents have passed away. I lost a lot of support.”

Watch Aja’s TikTok entry.



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2. Charlene Smith

Charlene says that she’s always loved communicating with people and has previous experience in different sales settings such as cashiering, waitressing, coaching, and teaching. “As a coach and as a teacher I’ve always loved the idea of selling a dream or an idea or a skill set. I’m excited to see how Flockjay can teach me how to better my ability and skills so that I can go out into the workforce and scoop up a great job in tech sales and become the professional that I want to be, and that I know I can be, with the right training and experience.”

Watch Charlene’s TikTok entry.


Excited to see where this journey takes me- ready to spread my wings and fly! 🦅 hehe #FlockjayHeadStart

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3. Teyarra Alexander

Teyarra wants to join Flockjay’s bootcamp for two core reasons: career advancement and new skills. “It’s nice that you can have a job you can stay at for years and be able to advance and also gain new skills while on the job.”

Watch Teyarra’s TikTok entry.



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4. Stephen Baker

Stephen admits he has been interested in Flockjay for awhile now, and has applied in the past and not gotten in. He also opens up about his battle with addiction recovery. “I have 125 days sober today and for me, that is a miracle. If I could win this to get a head start, I believe it will help me settle in a career that will give me the driving force to remain sober. I know that a lot of people out there suffer from addiction and I know that they are consistently striving to better themselves as I am doing right now. That is what it would mean to me.”

Watch Stephen’s Instagram entry.

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5. DeAaron Waters

DeAaron brings the energy when he shares the news of his career change! Be sure to read his caption below for more details on why he entered the #FlockjayHeadStart contest and is passionate about a career in tech sales. Watch DeAaron’s Instagram entry.













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6. Sean Davis

Sean sat outside of the Washington Monument to share why he’s excited to join Flockjay’s upcoming class. “I’m a Flockjay rock star. I will be going into the tech sector and learning something new while I’m here in Washington, D.C.” What a natural Flockstar!

Watch Sean’s Instagram entry.

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7. Kairo Dilla

Kai has a background in computer science and is passionate about helping others. He says Flockjay’s values align with his morals. Last year he discovered the sales career path and sought out opportunities to apply. However, “Without the proper training needed to be a successful sales representative, I was faced with rejection every single day. It became so bad that I had to depend on unemployment to barely scrape by, but luckily I was offered an overnight position at a rehab facility a few months ago. Working at a minimum wage job, I don’t have the necessary resources to fund the tools needed to succeed in a tech sales career. Winning this contest will definitely give me that #FlockjayHeadStart.”

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8. Alice Okunola

Alice says that, “Joining Flockjay is a great privilege for me. The education is going to provide me with the tools, the knowledge, and the understanding of what is expected of me as a tech sales representative.” She noted that launching a career as a tech sales representative is going will provide an avenue to help connect customers with the right products and problem solve. She also wished success upon her fellow contestants, and we’re all about community!

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9. Kendra Brockett

Kendra is excited to join Flockjay’s upcoming class because of the support gained through live video classes and career services like expert interview help to land the job. “Flockjay is where it’s at right now!’

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10. Alejandro Valdivia

Alejandro is looking for a career and has been working at his current job for years now and feeling stuck. “I would really love to join this program. Something that really caught my attention is that they want to promote minority groups. I’m a Mexican American Latino born and raised in San Francisco, so having a program that wants to give you those tools to see you succeed sounds amazing to me. I love the fact that there’s zero tuition initially, so you can join the program without having to worry about paying that money up front. Sometimes that’s the reason why a lot of people don’t take on challenges, because financially they can’t cover the cost. So having this opportunity to join the program and then pay later is amazing. I think a career in tech would change my life. There’s a lot of potential for me to grow and tools for me to learn and I’m very excited and very motivated.”

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On a Mission to Empower Upward Mobility for All

Congratulations to our winners and thank you again to all who joined the #FlockjayHeadStart contest! At Flockjay, there is nothing that brings our collective team more joy than working in support of our mission to empower everyone with the promise of upward mobility.

We also aim to promote diversity and inclusion in our application and training process, in the hiring partners we work with, and in our own company. We seek to include and highlight applications from underrepresented, underserved, and non-traditional backgrounds. We do our best to reduce implicit and unconscious bias in our screening and training processes. This includes working with candidates individually to find the best formats to showcase their strengths. Read our Flockjay Manifesto to learn more about our commitment to DEI.

Interested in applying to Flockjay and launching a new career in tech sales? Awesome! See resources to help you learn more and determine if Flockjay’s 10-week tech sales program could be right for you.

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Your New Career in Tech Sales Starts Now

Sales is the best kept secret in tech, and Flockjay will show you the way. With online classes and live instructors, Flockjay teaches you everything you need to know to be job ready in just 10 weeks. Ready for a career change?
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