Announcing 10 #FlockjayHeadStart Contest Winners

Announcing 10 #FlockjayHeadStart Contest Winners

Last week, we launched our first official #FlockjayHeadStart equipment contest in alignment with our mission to empower upward mobility. Today, we are excited to share who our 10 winners are. These incoming Tech Fellows will receive a premium laptop, headset, and Visa debit card to help cover four months of internet access.

We’d like to thank and celebrate each person who entered for taking a chance on themselves and sharing their story. Our admissions team thoughtfully considered each submission and our decisions were not easy! As a reminder, winners were chosen based on their overall application, video submission, and need for equipment access.

Without further ado, please join us in celebrating the following winners of our #FlockjayHeadStart equipment contest! You can watch each of their video submissions to learn more about them. 🎥

#FlockjayHeadStart Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of our #FlockjayHeadStart contest, listed in no particular order. As with every student, we are so grateful for the opportunity to be a footnote in the story of your career journey.

We look forward to taking flight with you and watching you soar!

1. Aja Al-harbawi

Hear from Aja, who is excited to embark on a new career path. With a background in retail, she didn’t know it was a possibility to join a program like Flockjay’s and admits she’s been hindered by a lot of factors on her journey. She says, “I want to flourish and gain exceptional skills and impact peoples lives. Flockjay told me that I can actually succeed. I have been hindered by a lot of factors, as my parents have passed away. I lost a lot of support.”

Watch Aja’s TikTok entry.



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2. Charlene Smith

Charlene says that she’s always loved communicating with people and has previous experience in different sales settings such as cashiering, waitressing, coaching, and teaching. “As a coach and as a teacher I’ve always loved the idea of selling a dream or an idea or a skill set. I’m excited to see how Flockjay can teach me how to better my ability and skills so that I can go out into the workforce and scoop up a great job in tech sales and become the professional that I want to be, and that I know I can be, with the right training and experience.”

Watch Charlene’s TikTok entry.


Excited to see where this journey takes me- ready to spread my wings and fly! 🦅 hehe #FlockjayHeadStart

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3. Teyarra Alexander

Teyarra wants to join Flockjay’s bootcamp for two core reasons: career advancement and new skills. “It’s nice that you can have a job you can stay at for years and be able to advance and also gain new skills while on the job.”

Watch Teyarra’s TikTok entry.



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4. Stephen Baker

Stephen admits he has been interested in Flockjay for awhile now, and has applied in the past and not gotten in. He also opens up about his battle with addiction recovery. “I have 125 days sober today and for me, that is a miracle. If I could win this to get a head start, I believe it will help me settle in a career that will give me the driving force to remain sober. I know that a lot of people out there suffer from addiction and I know that they are consistently striving to better themselves as I am doing right now. That is what it would mean to me.”

Watch Stephen’s Instagram entry.

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5. DeAaron Waters

DeAaron brings the energy when he shares the news of his career change! Be sure to read his caption below for more details on why he entered the #FlockjayHeadStart contest and is passionate about a career in tech sales. Watch DeAaron’s Instagram entry.













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6. Sean Davis

Sean sat outside of the Washington Monument to share why he’s excited to join Flockjay’s upcoming class. “I’m a Flockjay rock star. I will be going into the tech sector and learning something new while I’m here in Washington, D.C.” What a natural Flockstar!

Watch Sean’s Instagram entry.

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7. Kairo Dilla

Kai has a background in computer science and is passionate about helping others. He says Flockjay’s values align with his morals. Last year he discovered the sales career path and sought out opportunities to apply. However, “Without the proper training needed to be a successful sales representative, I was faced with rejection every single day. It became so bad that I had to depend on unemployment to barely scrape by, but luckily I was offered an overnight position at a rehab facility a few months ago. Working at a minimum wage job, I don’t have the necessary resources to fund the tools needed to succeed in a tech sales career. Winning this contest will definitely give me that #FlockjayHeadStart.”

Watch Kairo’s YouTube entry.


8. Alice Okunola

Alice says that, “Joining Flockjay is a great privilege for me. The education is going to provide me with the tools, the knowledge, and the understanding of what is expected of me as a tech sales representative.” She noted that launching a career as a tech sales representative is going will provide an avenue to help connect customers with the right products and problem solve. She also wished success upon her fellow contestants, and we’re all about community!

Watch Alice’s YouTube entry.


9. Kendra Brockett

Kendra is excited to join Flockjay’s upcoming class because of the support gained through live video classes and career services like expert interview help to land the job. “Flockjay is where it’s at right now!’

Watch Kendra’s YouTube entry.


10. Alejandro Valdivia

Alejandro is looking for a career and has been working at his current job for years now and feeling stuck. “I would really love to join this program. Something that really caught my attention is that they want to promote minority groups. I’m a Mexican American Latino born and raised in San Francisco, so having a program that wants to give you those tools to see you succeed sounds amazing to me. I love the fact that there’s zero tuition initially, so you can join the program without having to worry about paying that money up front. Sometimes that’s the reason why a lot of people don’t take on challenges, because financially they can’t cover the cost. So having this opportunity to join the program and then pay later is amazing. I think a career in tech would change my life. There’s a lot of potential for me to grow and tools for me to learn and I’m very excited and very motivated.”

Watch Alejandro’s YouTube entry.


On a Mission to Empower Upward Mobility for All

Congratulations to our winners and thank you again to all who joined the #FlockjayHeadStart contest! At Flockjay, there is nothing that brings our collective team more joy than working in support of our mission to empower everyone with the promise of upward mobility.

We also aim to promote diversity and inclusion in our application and training process, in the hiring partners we work with, and in our own company. We seek to include and highlight applications from underrepresented, underserved, and non-traditional backgrounds. We do our best to reduce implicit and unconscious bias in our screening and training processes. This includes working with candidates individually to find the best formats to showcase their strengths. Read our Flockjay Manifesto to learn more about our commitment to DEI.

Interested in applying to Flockjay and launching a new career in tech sales? Awesome! See resources to help you learn more and determine if Flockjay’s 10-week tech sales program could be right for you.

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Your New Career in Tech Sales Starts Now

Sales is the best kept secret in tech, and Flockjay will show you the way. With online classes and live instructors, Flockjay teaches you everything you need to know to be job ready in just 10 weeks. Ready for a career change?
Why Flockjay’s Tech Sales Bootcamp Has Rolling Admissions

Why Flockjay’s Tech Sales Bootcamp Has Rolling Admissions

At Flockjay, we’re constantly growing and receiving investor support to help our students break into tech. To keep up with demand, we launch a new 10-week class every month and leverage rolling admissions to evaluate applications as soon as they come in rather than all at once after a certain deadline.

As a result, we’re able to help as many students as possible launch life-altering careers in tech sales. No prior sales experience is required to apply to Flockjay’s bootcamp, nor is a college degree. We are on a mission to make the tech sales career path more accessible to all. This is reflected in the diversity and success of our alumni. 

Whether you already have sales experience or are a beginner pivoting to tech from a different industry, we know that investing in your career growth is a huge decision!

Read on to learn more about why we believe in admitting students on a rolling basis. 

Rolling Admissions Give You Flexibility

We know that not everyone who learns about Flockjay will be in the position to immediately commit to accelerating their career. With rolling admissions, you can apply for our tech sales training program at any time that is best for you. There’s no hard deadline that you need to meet. Our students come from all kinds of backgrounds, careers, and age groups, so we want to accommodate as many lifestyles as possible during our application process. 

Read: Is Tech Sales Right for Me?

Elise Cox Flockjay testimonial

It Allows Us to Give You a Prompt Decision

With rolling admissions, we’re able to evaluate your application as soon as it comes in and then give you a decision relatively soon after you apply. Joining Flockjay is a part-time commitment with 3-hour classes, 4 nights a week. We want to give you as much time as possible to get your matters in order before class starts.

Once you submit an online application, you’ll hear back from Flockjay Admissions within 24 hours (likely even sooner). If you’re invited to interview, you’ll be able to interview as soon as you are prepared.  After your interview and digital fluency assessment is completed, you’ll hear back from Flockjay Admissions within 24 hours.

Read: 3 Things to Know Before Applying to Flockjay

Consider Applying to Flockjay’s Tech Sales Bootcamp

If you want to launch a life-altering career in tech sales, consider applying for our program today! Not only will you learn everything from sales techniques to sales software, but you’ll also get a chance to land a job with some of the top tech companies in the world, like Salesforce, Zoom, and Gong! Our next class starts on May 10, 2021, so be sure to apply before its application deadline of April 30th!

Remember, you can apply at any time and will be considered for the upcoming cohort. 

Your New Career in Tech Sales Starts Now

Sales is the best kept secret in tech, and Flockjay will show you the way. With online classes and live instructors, Flockjay teaches you everything you need to know to be job ready in just 10 weeks. Ready for a career change?

3 Things to Know Before Applying to Flockjay

3 Things to Know Before Applying to Flockjay


Applying to Flockjay’s 10-week tech sales bootcamp is fairly simple and straightforward.

But before you dive headfirst into it, we want to highlight three important things that can help you take your application to the next level. Read on to learn more!

“What I love most about being an Admissions Advisor is helping people change their lives! Flockjay is an amazing opportunity but you need to put the work in! I love getting messages from past students who I interviewed early along on their journey doing amazing things in their role as an SDR.”


Nagieb Musaid, Admissions Advisor at Flockjay

1. Get Familiar with What Tech Sales Actually Is

When you think about tech sales, the companies that might pop to mind first are Google, Amazon, and Apple. These companies are technically tech companies, but they’re actually not the type of tech companies that we partner with. We partner with SaaS (software as a service) companies that sell software, not hardware.

The type of software that SaaS companies offer is not your typical software. It’s cloud-based, which means their customers can access it on the internet. SaaS companies also sell their software to other businesses and charge a monthly subscription fee for them. It’s kind of like Netflix but for products that can help companies run virtually any facet of their business, such as marketing, sales, customer service, HR, engineering, finance, etc.

At Flockjay, our top-performing students are the ones who join the program with a baseline knowledge of SaaS and what to expect from working in the tech sales industry. To get a better grasp on SaaS and the tech industry as a whole, we recommend listening to podcasts like Breaking into Startups, This Week in Startups, and SaaStr.

We also recommend researching a SaaS company such as Salesforce or Gong and explaining what they do to someone who doesn’t know what SaaS is. This is the task that tech sales representatives do most on the job.

Learn what a tech sales development rep (SDR) does on the job.

2. Know Commitment is Key

At Flockjay, we partner with some of the top tech companies in the world like Salesforce, Zoom, and LinkedIn. In order to break in with companies of this caliber, commitment is key. And what you put into Flockjay is what you’ll get out of it.

Our program meets Monday through Thursday from 5 PM to 8 PM PST for 10 weeks. We made it part-time so that you don’t have to put your life on hold to join. However, we do have mandatory attendance, homework, and job readiness requirements that you must meet to stay enrolled in class, graduate, and qualify for introductions to our hiring partners.

3. The Top Students Do Work Outside of Class

What separates our top-performing students from the rest is that they take the initiative to put in extra effort outside of class by listening to sales podcasts and reading articles and books about sales. More importantly, though, they’re not just doing it because they feel forced to. They’re doing it because they want to.

Here’s a list of the top sales podcasts, blogs, and books that you can consume to put yourself a step above the rest.

Apply for Our Tech Sales Program Today

Now that you know how to take your application to the next level, consider applying for our tech sales program today! In just ten weeks, you’ll learn about everything from sales techniques to sales software and also potentially land a sales job at one of the top tech companies in the world!

If you aren’t ready to apply just yet but are interested in learning more about a tech sales career path, here are some resources to help guide you next: 

Have more questions about applying to Flockjay? Reach out to our team at

Your New Career in Tech Sales Starts Now

Sales is the best kept secret in tech, and Flockjay will show you the way. With online classes and live instructors, Flockjay teaches you everything you need to know to be job ready in just 10 weeks. Ready for a career change?