Introducing the Flockjay Alumni Referral Program

Introducing the Flockjay Alumni Referral Program

At Flockjay, we consider our alumni to be lifelong members of our program. We want to do everything we can to nurture your career and help you thrive in the tech sales space. From the very start of our program, we’ve done this by hosting networking events with mentors, industry leaders, and fellow alumni.

Today, we’ve decided to bolster this support by providing financial aid through our new student referral program. We also want to give you the opportunity to pay it forward to future tech fellows by opening the doors for them to pursue tech sales.

Know someone with sales experience or the traits that you know are required to succeed in the space? Then refer them to Flockjay by July 9th! If we enroll them into our tech sales program, you’ll get a $500 gift card that you can use for anything, like paying down tuition, upgrading your work-from-home setup, or taking that long weekend getaway! 

📣 There is no limit on the number of students you can refer. 

For example, if you chose our deferred tuition plan of $7,650 and referred five students, you could earn $2,500 in gift cards and pay off your tuition six months earlier than originally planned. Who knows — maybe you could even refer enough students to pay off your entire tuition!

To earn your chance at $500, refer your friends and family using your personal link found here in the Flockjay portal by July 9th, 2021. Not sure how to get started? Read on.  (more…)