Our diverse community of students comes together from various non-traditional backgrounds to learn, reskill, and unite around a shared goal to break into tech sales as an SDR.

As Flockjay charts our path forward in the workplace, it is with the utmost pride that we share the stories of our Tech Fellows, both current and alumni. We think it’s important for our mission-aligned hiring partners seeking to strengthen and diversify their sales teams to learn more about where our elite students come from. They are ready to make an undeniably positive impact.

Meet Alexander Sosa, a Flockjay Tech Fellow from our eighth class and current SDR for hire. He shared a few details about his journey with us below. His sales trainers had this to share:

“Alex shows constant support, empathy, and leadership. When not in class, you can find him on Slack helping others. He has the unique ability to show people how to problem solve without telling them exactly how to do something resulting in his teammates learning. His willingness to look outside of himself and make those around him better is one of the most valuable contributions Alex has made in our program.”

What did life look like before you found Flockjay?

Life before Flockjay was a challenge; in my local area, the main opportunities to get into a tech were only coding boot camps or programs for other highly technical positions, areas that didn’t fit my exact interests of tech and business combined.

At my previous employer, I was trying to get into sales, but over half the sales staff was laid off during my time there. I went back to the drawing board to try and find ways to get into the tech industry/sales field and found Flockjay through a tech website I frequented.

After applying, I was afforded the opportunity (by qualifying in the top 7% of applicants) to be accepted into the program. Flockjay has helped me master my sales skills and add more valuable experience for a future employer. 

I have experience in sales and customer service that have taken me far, but I have more goals I am determined to accomplish. Hard work is something that is instilled in me and it’s a work ethic I take with me everywhere I am and in everything I do, even outside of work.

I like to prove myself by mastering job responsibilities in every environment. Then, improving anything I can in my work surroundings to bring more value and efficiency to a team.

What past accomplishments are you proud of? 

My Flockjay experience has allowed me to accomplish goals in various areas that are important to me. 

Those areas are:

Being a top performer: My efforts are reflective in the results of the program’s metrics

Making genuine relationships: Creating connections with teammates through group work and assistance

Finding a need and solving for it: Whether doing discovery to qualify or disqualify future tech fellow recruits or meeting the needs of a teammate, I pride myself in finding a solution to a problem

Flockjay has allowed me to stay curious, but also exhibit my resourcefulness to go find answers, be independent, but also collaborate with my team.

Nobody can be successful on their own, it takes a team of people who are all focused on similar goals and who want the best for each other. Flockjay provided that environment. We walk together, we flock together.

Most importantly, I couldn’t have any success without that team that helped me get to this point. My trainers, TAs, and success team have all played a major part in helping me get to where I am. I appreciate the training and mentorship they’ve given me. #GRATEFUL 

What excites you most about a future SDR role?

I am most excited about exceeding sales quotas and selling a product I believe in, mastering my product knowledge, helping teammates, and giving back.

Advice for someone who wants to break into tech?

If there’s any advice I could give, I would say don’t hesitate. One asset you can’t get back is time, and the fastest moving industry is tech.

Don’t miss out on what could possibly be your future. Flockjay can literally change your life in 10 weeks, that’s how fast the EdTech industry is training now.

If you need help, know that the people at Flockjay want what’s best for you and want you to succeed.

If you’re willing to put in the work to make a change in your life, you’re in the right place.

Grab your wings. It’s your turn to fly.

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