Our diverse community of students comes together from various non-traditional backgrounds to learn, reskill, and unite around a shared goal to break into tech sales as a Sales Development Representative (SDR).

As Flockjay charts our path forward in the workplace, it is with the utmost pride that we share the stories of our Tech Fellows. We think it’s important for mission-aligned hiring partners seeking to strengthen and diversify their sales teams to learn more about where our elite students come from. They are ready to make an undeniably positive impact.

Meet Aaron Brown, a Flockjay Tech Fellow from our eighth class and current SDR for hire. He shared a few details about his journey with us below. His sales trainers had this to share:

“Aaron Brown is a great team player. He respects others and gives everyone equal opportunities to express their opinions. His ability to always meet deadlines shows that he expertly prioritizes and organizes his work without compromising the details.”

What did life look like before you found Flockjay?

I have been in the tech space since I was 16-years-old, participating in different tech and entrepreneurship programs, and even becoming the 2017 Global Young Entrepreneur presented by the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE).

Prior to Flockjay, I was the lead program director for an edTech start-up called PilotCity. I was able to connect hundreds of high school students to high-growth tech industries such as AI, IoT, Drones, and Autonomous Driving; I did this by providing pilot project challenges for students to receive a project-based work experience in their classroom.

As someone one who grew up in the tech arena, and comes from a long lineage of salespeople where I am a 4th generation salesperson, Flockjay was the perfect medium for me to bring two passionate worlds together to begin my career in tech sales.

What past accomplishments are you proud of? 

I am proud to share that I: 

  • Earned 2017 Global Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Developed an entire 6-week, high tech internship program from scratch for 40+ students working with 10+ different employers
  • Hosted a digital hackathon for our student users in responses to the pandemic closing the classrooms we operated in
  • Offered over 100 virtual internships in 2020
  • Learned the art of tactical empathy from former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss (I took his master class)
  • Learned how to do Inbound & Outbound sales through Flockjay

What excites you most about a future SDR role?

In my future SDR role, I am excited about:

  • Creating a real impact in the world through selling products that make a difference
  • Pursuing my dream of being a top salesperson in my industry
  • Creating and building meaningful relationships
  • Starting at a position to practice the fundamentals of selling and grew to a salesperson that any organization can rely on to generate results

Advice for someone who wants to break into tech?

Go in with a high willingness to learn! There are so many amazing things happening in the world of tech and the start of your journey is where you begin to discover what truly interests you and aligns the most with your internal values. Find the type of work that will make you the happiest, and your potential to grow in that field will be forever unlimited.

Follow His Journey from Tech Fellow to Elite SDR

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